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In contrast to the utmost importance of critical infrastructures like electricity and telecommunication for all European citizens, the European economy and the European society at large, the understanding of the complex system of critical infrastructures with all their dependencies and interdependencies is still immature. The study of these complex infrastructure systems demands joint interdisciplinary efforts of researchers, industrial stakeholders and governmental organisations to overcome all the difficulties involved:

  • availability of models and data for single in-frastructures;
  • interoperable simulation of multiple infrastructures;
  • testbeds and benchmarks for protection solutions.

In order to address these challenges, DIESIS proposes to establish the basis for a European modelling and simulation e-Infrastructure based upon open standards to foster and support research on all aspects of critical infrastructures with a specific focus on their protection. This European e-Infrastructure will support full cooperation of the different partners in charge for studying (inter)dependencies of critical infrastructures, while preserving the confidentiality of the proprietary knowledge embedded into the different models and simulation packages. Indeed for a lot of economical, political, technological and social reasons, the European critical infrastructures (CI), once isolated and autonomous, are becoming more and more coupled.

The DIESIS project ended in March 2010

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